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Do you want to get funding for your college education? Check your church for scholarship offers


A scholarship is a type of financial aid that helps students pay the cost of their education, particularly for college. With the tough economy and rising cost of education, scholarships are truly a great relief for both parents and students. Unlike other forms of financial assistance, especially loans, scholarship dollars are not required to be repaid.

There are thousands of scholarships available around; but remember, this kind of financial aid don’t award itself. In order to receive this education benefit, you have to apply, and most of the time, compete for it. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, which usually include financial needs, academic merit, and excellence in particular field, such as in music, sports, theater arts, and science just to name a few.

Majority of scholarships available are offered by federal government and educational institutions. Acquiring a scholarship from these sources is truly beneficial, but most of them have minimum requirements that you have to meet first to get qualified. And as mentioned, even if you already meet those requirements, you’ll still be required to compete with other applicants to win the award.

If you are worried that you might not get the funding you need for your college because of tough competition, you may want to consider applying to less competitive scholarship programs. In addition to government organizations and financial institutions, there are more other sources where you can get financial aid. For instance, some scholarship programs are exclusively offering benefits for women or older people. Other scholarships provide assistance for students with disabilities or learning differences. Some volunteer organizations help students in their local community or those who are studying in a specific field. The only challenge is to find the scholarship that best suit your financial and education needs.

As with most scholarships, your best option is to start local. If you are an active member of your church or a specific faith, you may want to inquire if they have scholarship opportunities offered, or if they are involved with other organizations that provide scholarship benefits.

For instance, the United Church of Christ offers the Avery Arthington Fund of $400-$4000 to UCC African members who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in the U.S. It also provides an annual scholarship assistance of $500-$1500 for UCC members who are entering an undergraduate degree in any accredited 4-year college in the U.S.

Presbyterian students can also find various scholarship opportunities in their local community. The Presbyterian Church USA offer several scholarship programs for their members who wish to enter undergraduate programs or pursue their graduate studies. Some of the scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students are the National Presbyterian College Scholarship that offers up to $1500 financial benefits and Samuel Robinson Award that offers up to $5000 financial assistance.

If you are a Catholic descent, you can also get funding by searching in your local Catholic community organizations. The John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships is an academic-based scholarship, offering a $1500 financial assistance for U.S. students who wish to enter freshman year of undergraduate study at a U.S. Catholic school or university. The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship, on the other hand, awards a $400, $500, $600, or $1000 financial assistance to qualified applicants who want to go to college.

Other church-based organizations also provide financial supports for college students with specific majors, such as in Education, Religious Studies, Science, and Healthcare. If you are a student who wishes to pursue a career in the healthcare field, particularly a career in Patient Care Technician Pro, you may want to find out if your own place of worship has this type of scholarship opportunity.

We all know that entering a medical course is truly expensive. Aside from the 2 or 4 years of undergraduate study, you typically need to enroll to continuing education or training to further your knowledge. So if you are a medical or healthcare student, taking advantage of all the scholarships available is a great move. Remember, there are many church-based organizations across the nation that offer college fund. You may want to search online and even acquire directly to these sources to check your options. And while you’re doing that, you may also want to explore more of the benefits of pursuing a healthcare course, particular the course in Patient Care, and how it differs when comparing a patient care technician to a certified nursing assistant, or to other fields in healthcare.

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