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More parochial schools are dropping the school uniform code.

uniformsIt’s back to school time.  Stores have been selling clothes like hotcakes the last month and still into this one.  Used to be when you went to a parochial school, you wore that school’s uniform.  It seems that as of late, the religious based parish school system has been lifting the uniform code and allowing students to wear regular “street” clothes.  They have some set rules though such as no words on shirts, no tight jeans or pants, and no designer logos.  That’s all well and good for some students, but believe it or not, some would rather have the uniforms.

It seems that all through school everyone hated uniforms and were jealous of the kids that went to public school because they could wear what they pleased.  It’s almost a flip flop though, as some public schools have instituted a type of uniform code.  Not a strict one, but one nonetheless.  These days public school students are required to wear tan or navy blue khaki pants or skirts and white or navy blue shirts.

So it’s almost a switch.  For the public school system it was to even things out for the students.  When you are in uniforms, there is less competition.  However, at first no one knew what to expect, but it seems that competitions have even started with the public mild uniform code.  They are getting tighter, shorter, sporting logos, wearing shoes of all brands, colors and markings.  The clothing companies that were providing the clothes seemed to be getting a little lax in their standards such as making their skirts shorter and their pants in straight or skinny styles that are in.  Designers now have shirts with logos and so it’s more or less like the only dress code that exists in public schools are that you’re in tan, blue and white, from there on its open season.

Now the parochial schools are on the end that they used to be on and are going all out with styles and clothes that they never dreamed they’d be able to wear to school.  As aforementioned though, some of the students actually miss the uniforms.  When they were in matching uniforms, there was less competition.  Uniform codes were strict.  Not lax like you might have seen in Britany Spears video where she’s wearing a school uniform with a plaid skirt as short as she could get it and her blouse tied in the front.  Those types of adjustments were never allowed.  Everyone looked the same.  Girl’s skirts had to be no shorter than an inch above the knee, and boys shirts had to be ironed and tucked in, and other rules to keep everyone on an even keel.

You didn’t have to worry about competing when you had to wear a uniform.  Plus for parents it was good because there was a budget that was easy to adhere to.  Now they’re having to go out and get the latest and greatest styles that have been getting shoved into their kids’ faces on TV commercials all summer.  What about the kids that can’t afford the new clothes?  It used to be parishes would help some families with uniform costs, and also as you outgrew them you turned them in and someone else could wear it.  They even had school sale days where they’d fill the gym with everything from uniforms to quality treadmill machines and sell school and other items as well.  What’s your take on it?  Good or bad?  You decide.

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