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Light Therapy for Acne

Acne affects approximately 85% of teens at some point. Considering this high percentage, as well as the disturbing effects of this skin condition, such as depression, stress, and poor self-image, it’s not surprising that the search for more effective and safe solutions for acne problem is being deeply pursued.

Currently, we have hundreds, or probably thousands of available treatment options for acne. There are topical solutions, over-the-counter medications, food supplements, and cosmeceutical options. But since people are continuously looking for fast and easy treatments, alternative options are now gaining in popularity, such as the use of hi-tech light therapy for acne.

Light procedures, including light-emitting diode (LED) treatment, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and infrared devices are newly developed acne treatments that use special light to kill the bacteria causing acne. They are typically used in clinics by dermatologist and other skin specialists to treat the skin condition of their patients. But now, they are already available for home use. If you’re suffering from acne, but have no time or enough money to visit a doctor, then a home-use device may provide you the answer to your problem. There are commonly two types of light therapy: the blue and red light therapy.

therapy for acne

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy, as the name implies, uses specific wavelengths of visible blue light to target the strain of bacteria that cause acne, known as Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes. The light helps in stimulating the formation of oxygen radicals that kill P. acnes bacteria.

Common Blue Light Acne Therapy Devices: Tria® Skin Perfecting Blue Light System, BlueMD – Acne Blue Light Therapy Treatment, Tända ZAP

Red Light Therapy

Red lights are less effective at developing reactive oxygen species that help kill P. acnes; but compared to blue lights, they penetrate deeper into the tissue so they can actively destroy the bacteria causing acne. Research also has found that red lights contain anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce pimples and acne, and promote healing.

Common Red Light Acne Therapy Device: Baby Quasar Clear Rayz for Acne, Face-Up! von Akne, Omnilux Clear-U

Bottom Line

With the high cost of doctor’s visit, which typically range from $20 to $35 per session, alternative therapies, such as light acne therapy are worth considering. The best thing about them is they are easy, safe, and less expensive. Their cost depends upon the features and manufacturer, but they commonly range from $50 to $400. Just keep in mind that a consistent skincare, such as washing your face regularly, is still the preferred first line of defense against acne.

However, if you’re considering a home-use light-emitting device, we recommend that you shop carefully and only buy from a reputable manufacturer. We also recommend that you follow the usage instructions exactly and be careful when using it. Remember that improper use of these devices may cause more damage to your skin. It’s a good idea to make your own research, or ask the supplier about the proper handling of the device.

Also, keep in mind that any kind of acne treatment may take some time to show any result; so just be patient.

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