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Dropping the D-Bomb: DaddyDom

Daddydoms are fairly misunderstood, and should not be plonked in the same category as incests or paedophiles. In fact, within Daddy Dom/ Little Girl (DDLG) roleplay, the focus is more on the caregiving qualities of a dom than on the sexualized power imbalance that some might assume. In fact, some DDLG relationships don´t involve sex at all, instead providing a safe space for a sub to explore their childlike role and a place where her daddydom to take care of her. Essentially, it is just one subcategory of the BDSM dom-sub power dynamic.

Indeed, BDSM is defined as a power dynamic based on trust between a dom and his sub. So, it makes sense that this particular kind of role play might appeal to some.A daddydom will want to play around with his little, shifting from the more traditional Master-slave dynamic where protocol and procedure take precedence. A daddydom provides protection, guidance and care to his little sub. Whilst childlike behavior might irritate a Master, a daddydom will encourage and nurture this sort of play.

Daddydom can be considered as the space in which a dom can hold authority over his sub – a Kingdom of Daddies where you will find little princesses. Some daddies will introduce sadism and masochism to the play, often using the wolf metaphor to increase arousal. In this analogy, the daddy takes on the persona of a wolf who simultaneously wants to protect his sub from the world but also wants to devour her sexually. If he ends up hurting her, or making her cry, these are tears that he can wipe away himself later – as her caregiver, that is his primary role.

Of course, his little rule breaker might deserve to be punished, and he should not be afraid to do so. Generally speaking though, neither dom nor sub will gain any pleasure from this. Rather, punishments might include doing the dishes or the hoovering as any regular child might be instructed to do.

Even for those not particularly attuned to age regression play, it is fairly common for someone to refer to their partner as daddy during sex. It doesn´t necessarily indicate daddy issues, nor does it mean they think they are screwing their dad. It is more a reference to the authority and control that turns so many people on. It is no surprise, then, that daddydom is something explored by so many lovers across the globe , read this awesome blog post on ddlg.me

Removing sex from the equation, it is a long term relationship with a significant investment – after all, a daddy is forever. A little and her daddy might grow apart, but for the most part he will always be there for her. It is an interesting dynamic that can serve a wide variety of sexual and nonsexual fantasies. Littles might be seeking out attention, stability and warmth from her daddydom. Whilst daddies might be searching for someone to dominate and care for. Whatever it is, be open and honest about your expectations and your limits – communicating with your partner will have the best results.

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