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Should the diocese have an opinion on the Northern Gateway pipeline?

The Northern pipeline project is indeed one of the hottest subjects right now. In North America, especially in Canada there are several different discussions about whether or not this pipeline will indeed be more good than bad. In fact, for the capitalist side the pipeline project could not be any better, after all it will give both the USA and Canada (especially) millions of dollars every single year. Areas such as Alberta and British Columbia in Canada have already been modified to have such pipelines ready for work as soon as possible. Although this is a controversial topic, churches do not shy away from their obligation to advise and to say their minds according to their beliefs.

Safety Issues.

This is not a matter of religion, this is a matter of protecting the nature and workers, who will slave away in the field to feed money to the government and these private companies. Several different religion representatives across Canada have already manifested themselves in order to protect the environment, after all these companies might praise for worker’s safety, however the environmental safety is often forgotten. Although it is possible to find several places that give training to protect the workers, such as www.ahapc.ca, it is also important to remember that there is the wild life and also the natives there, and they both need attention.

Meetings, discussions and decisions.

Churches consider protecting nature and the natives as one of their responsibilities and because of that they have been looking for ways to reduce the impact that such pipelines have in the environment. They indeed have the right to have a say in this, after all they are meant to help the community to always remain as safe and good as possible.

Thinking of their duty, they have scheduled meetings with counsellors in Ottawa and have also sent a resolution stating that they are against such construction, after all they would end up polluting. In case there is a leak the water would get dirt and the natives would also have a lot of issues. This is indeed a serious issue that will still be in the media for a long time, there is no doubts regarding that.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

The bottom line.

Anglican, Catholic and Christian churches indeed have a say in this, after all they are there to always help communities feel safer and have an opportunity to lead a life that is as healthy as possible. Churches united have the power to look for the population’s interest and also make sure that nature and other environmental issues are taken care of. It is certain that the church is good, however unfortunately there is much more that needs to get changed in order to make the world a better place to live. Money and the capitalism are still what rules most of the world, so it is very important to fight for interests and protect the less powerful. We all need help, and so does nature. Keep your eyes open for the latest news on this topic.

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