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CNA Job Description

A CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants are seen working in a hospital, nursing homes and even private residences. They assist patients with their day to day tasks. Mostly, the job of a CNA involves duties of personal care. It can include dressing, bathing, mealtime assistance, and even sleep quarter’s maintenance. The duties can vary a little depending on the location of work. The CNA is the one who assists the registered nurses or various other medical team in order for a certain process to be carried out quickly and properly. He or she will take orders from his superiors aside from carrying out his usual job routines.

Of course, just like any other profession, being a CNA is not an easy job. There is an absolute requirement to be attentive to every need of the patient and always give them comfort at all times.  Quite a few people who choose to be a Certified Nursing Assistant does not know exactly what they are up to and just end up doing other things.

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In addition to the mentioned tasks above, below are also other duties that must be fulfilled:

  • Assisting the patient to change the covers of the bed
  • Assisting them to take a shower
  • Assisting to change the clothes
  • Administration of medication
  • Exercise routines with patient
  • Toilet assistance

The CNA is also required to assist with the patient’s monitoring. Such monitoring includes taking vital signs like heartbeat, temperature, respiration rate, blood sugar and blood pressure. Urine, stool and blood output monitoring can also be included. Many would be asking how much does CNA makes an hour. Is this job really for me? Although it is not easy to be a CNA, it is a rewarding job for anyone who gets fulfillment in helping other people especially the less fortunate ones.

In addition to dealing with the patients, another major responsibility of the CNA is to relate with the relatives of their patients. Such would require him or her to explain the procedure to the family, make calls and others. There will be quite a few questions that the relatives may have that the CNA should be able to answer in the proper way. During the CNA training, proper methods will be taught and learned.

It is very essential for the Certified Nursing Assistant to study well while still at school. He or she should know the basic medical terminologies. With such, he then can work on the required process for the welfare of the patients.

As a CNA, he is not able to make big decisions relating to nursing or medical practices. When there are no orders, he is not permitted to administer medication independently.

Being a nurse and Certified Nursing Assistant is two different jobs. It is not quite the same or similar. The scope of work that the Certified Nursing Assistant does is lesser than those of a nurse. The only think the two jobs have in common is that they both would work hand in hand for the fast recovery of the patient.

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