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Manage Your Church with Proper Payroll

Diocese of Charlotte Catholic Charities Did you know that your ministry may be losing money and time just because of mismanaged financial records? Just like businesses, churches also have employees and taxes to pay. If your church’s financial records are not in order, you’re putting your ministry in big trouble….

God Will Protect All

An individual with a strong faith usually relies on God for everything. Examples of relying on God include becoming well when illness strikes, family problems, loss of a job, etc. However, when these situations arise in the life of the faithful, they not only depend on God, but also what…

How To Have A Successful Church Fundraiser

Church fundraisers can be a great way to get the community together to help others in need, and it doesn’t just have to happen at Christmas time, you can put together fundraisers and charity drives all year long. When putting together a fundraiser, think about the people you want to…

Do you want to get funding for your college education? Check your church for scholarship offers

A scholarship is a type of financial aid that helps students pay the cost of their education, particularly for college. With the tough economy and rising cost of education, scholarships are truly a great relief for both parents and students. Unlike other forms of financial assistance, especially loans, scholarship dollars…