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The Best Hobbies for Religious People

Just because you are religious and want to follow the guidance provided by the Bible as well as you can does not mean that you have to abstain from all the wondrous adventures that the world has to offer.  The Bible itself says to test all things but hold fast to what is good.  God wants his children to get out there and experience the world, to see things and to enjoy new adventures because getting out does so much for your mood.  You feel lighter, happier and you learn so much each time you step outside your comfort zone.  Faith is not strengthened by sticking to easy routines.  You strengthen your faith by trying new things inspired by God.

The Best Hobbies for Religious People

Consider Kayaking

Kayaking is a great activity that you can probably do in just about any location that has a dam, lake or river and you can also kayak in the sea.  Kayak is a great workout for your body and you can once again marvel at the beautiful world that God created.  It is good, clean fun that the entire family can enjoy and it is now more affordable than ever before thanks to the wide range of inflatable kayaks that are currently on the market. The inflatable kayaks so much easier to handle because they are compact enough to fit even the smallest of vehicles and can be set up in a few minutes depending on the type of pump you have.  You can also store the kayak away easily without giving up any of your valuable garage space.

Go fishing

Fishing is one of the most relaxing sports because you can sit down, enjoy a few snacks and catch up to old friends while you wait for the perfect catch.  If you are easily bored by fishing then you can always up your game by investing in an inflatable fishing kayak that allows you to venture into the depths to find the best fishing spot.  Fishing from a kayak is a bit tricky and takes a lot more skill since you have to maintain your balance while you try to get your catch out of the water but that is exactly what makes fishing more challenging.

Quad biking

There are lots of lodges and holiday destinations that offer quad bikes for rent. You can spend hours in the sun and put your quad skills to the test by ascending high cliffs or test your reflex in slippery and muddy roads.  Quad biking is great fun for the entire family and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to handle the bike.


Camping is fantastic for improving spirituality because you experience nature at its best and you can get your family away from technology and all the harmful messages that are currently flooding the social sites and television sets.  Camping is also great for bonding with family and catching up on all the things that are happening in your loved one’s lives.

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