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How To Pursue A Career That Won’t Compromise Your Religion

GivingBackEducation is a long term investment that eventually pays off. But what happens after one invests in an education plan that leads to an unfulfilling career path in terms of one’s religion. Stress looms in, then regrets and finally regrets. It therefore makes perfect sense to take a few precautions and make a few considerations before perusing a specific career. So, just how do you go about this?

Talk to your mentors
There is always someone out there who can mentor you; someone who made it in the career field you are interested in. Find that person and have him or her explain to you what your dream career entails. Find out if the career may force you to lay your hands on something that may not go down well with your religion. That way, you can always change your mind before it is too late.

The career may involve one or two things that may be contrary to your religious beliefs. But could there be relief? Instances where your boss may allow you to skip one or two things in the name or of religion? No harm in pursuing such a career.

Giving back to the society
There is nothing more refreshing that giving back to the society after achieving one’s dreams. It is refreshing and of course, rewarding. Unfortunately, only a few careers give people a chance to give back to the society. They either demand too much in terms of time or simply do not pay well. That explains why you have to roll up your sleeves and find a career that will pay you well and give you a chance to mentor others. Giving back to the society is after all something that goes hand in hand with nearly all religions.

Get your papers right
In other words, work on your grades if you are still in high school. Read the most you can about your dream career. Remember to find out if there are areas, field and branches in your career that you may not know of. Take pharmacy for instance. It is not always about drugs. There is pharmaceutical technology which happens to be one of the most rewarding pharmaceutical fields one can consider. To read more on how to become a pharmacy technician, just simply click here.

Nothing is ever easy, especially in the current world where you have to work hard and smart for everything. In other words, expect challenges. Then think of smart ways to overcome them. While at it, consider how you can create jobs for others in your field rather than joining other job seekers.

Side note
You may be in a career path you do not like because of your religious inclination. You don’t have to force yourself through it. You can always quit and pursue something that makes you happy and comfortable; something that will always leave you at peace and keep your motivated to go to work. At the end of the day, it is all about living a happy, comfortable and rewarding life. It is not just about the money.

More parochial schools are dropping the school uniform code.

uniformsIt’s back to school time.  Stores have been selling clothes like hotcakes the last month and still into this one.  Used to be when you went to a parochial school, you wore that school’s uniform.  It seems that as of late, the religious based parish school system has been lifting the uniform code and allowing students to wear regular “street” clothes.  They have some set rules though such as no words on shirts, no tight jeans or pants, and no designer logos.  That’s all well and good for some students, but believe it or not, some would rather have the uniforms.

It seems that all through school everyone hated uniforms and were jealous of the kids that went to public school because they could wear what they pleased.  It’s almost a flip flop though, as some public schools have instituted a type of uniform code.  Not a strict one, but one nonetheless.  These days public school students are required to wear tan or navy blue khaki pants or skirts and white or navy blue shirts.

So it’s almost a switch.  For the public school system it was to even things out for the students.  When you are in uniforms, there is less competition.  However, at first no one knew what to expect, but it seems that competitions have even started with the public mild uniform code.  They are getting tighter, shorter, sporting logos, wearing shoes of all brands, colors and markings.  The clothing companies that were providing the clothes seemed to be getting a little lax in their standards such as making their skirts shorter and their pants in straight or skinny styles that are in.  Designers now have shirts with logos and so it’s more or less like the only dress code that exists in public schools are that you’re in tan, blue and white, from there on its open season.

Now the parochial schools are on the end that they used to be on and are going all out with styles and clothes that they never dreamed they’d be able to wear to school.  As aforementioned though, some of the students actually miss the uniforms.  When they were in matching uniforms, there was less competition.  Uniform codes were strict.  Not lax like you might have seen in Britany Spears video where she’s wearing a school uniform with a plaid skirt as short as she could get it and her blouse tied in the front.  Those types of adjustments were never allowed.  Everyone looked the same.  Girl’s skirts had to be no shorter than an inch above the knee, and boys shirts had to be ironed and tucked in, and other rules to keep everyone on an even keel.

You didn’t have to worry about competing when you had to wear a uniform.  Plus for parents it was good because there was a budget that was easy to adhere to.  Now they’re having to go out and get the latest and greatest styles that have been getting shoved into their kids’ faces on TV commercials all summer.  What about the kids that can’t afford the new clothes?  It used to be parishes would help some families with uniform costs, and also as you outgrew them you turned them in and someone else could wear it.  They even had school sale days where they’d fill the gym with everything from uniforms to quality treadmill machines and sell school and other items as well.  What’s your take on it?  Good or bad?  You decide.

Scooters a Great Toy for Religious Children

When trying to select a gift for a child of a religious family, it can be a little more difficult to pick out what type of gift they would like. You might think about getting them a gift that you’d think any child their age would enjoy or something oriented specifically to their religion. Although you’d mean well, both of these are possibly bad ideas that might offend the child. One good choice for a gift for a religious child would be something that they can do outdoors. For example, a scooter. Here are a few reasons why scooters make gifts for religious oriented children.

Kids Get to Play Outside

Many religious families want their children to play outside. They aren’t exactly like the Amish where they want them to stay away from technology altogether, but they would like them to stay outside for a bit. Religious families do not want their children as reliant on technology as other children their age. There are even a few religious families who think that spending time outside is a chance to commune with God.

It Gives Kids a Chance to Exercise

In many parts of the developed world, childhood obesity is a major problem. There are many parents that are doing what they can to help curb this trend and get their kids outside so that they can exercise more. Religious parents share these concerns and want their children to play outside. There are even some children that know about the obesity problem and want to do what they can not to become obese, or even just some that like to play outside.

It’s a Unique Gift

One of the biggest problems giving gifts to children is that they constantly get the same things. Parents are purchasing their children gifts more often than their parents did. Religious parents are guilty of this as well. That can make modern children more difficult than it did a few years ago. With a scooter you don’t have to worry as much about that. Scooters are not as common of a gift and are more likely to impress a child than something like a video game or a popular toy.

It Gives the Kid a Vehicle to Explore On

Children are curious creatures. They like to go out and see what is “just beyond the horizon.” This can be dangerous in some locations, but in safe neighborhoods or out in the country, this can be a healthy endeavor that can give a child something fun to do.

A scooter is a great gift for children who want to explore the area around them. It gets them to where they want to go much faster than walking.

Scooters make a great gift for these reasons and more. If you are looking for a place to get the best scooters for children, you can do a quick search online or hunt through the yellow pages for the best places to find scooters in your area. If you want to see an excited look on a religious child’s face because you gave them a gift, get them a scooter.

Do you want to get funding for your college education? Check your church for scholarship offers


A scholarship is a type of financial aid that helps students pay the cost of their education, particularly for college. With the tough economy and rising cost of education, scholarships are truly a great relief for both parents and students. Unlike other forms of financial assistance, especially loans, scholarship dollars are not required to be repaid.

There are thousands of scholarships available around; but remember, this kind of financial aid don’t award itself. In order to receive this education benefit, you have to apply, and most of the time, compete for it. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, which usually include financial needs, academic merit, and excellence in particular field, such as in music, sports, theater arts, and science just to name a few.

Majority of scholarships available are offered by federal government and educational institutions. Acquiring a scholarship from these sources is truly beneficial, but most of them have minimum requirements that you have to meet first to get qualified. And as mentioned, even if you already meet those requirements, you’ll still be required to compete with other applicants to win the award.

If you are worried that you might not get the funding you need for your college because of tough competition, you may want to consider applying to less competitive scholarship programs. In addition to government organizations and financial institutions, there are more other sources where you can get financial aid. For instance, some scholarship programs are exclusively offering benefits for women or older people. Other scholarships provide assistance for students with disabilities or learning differences. Some volunteer organizations help students in their local community or those who are studying in a specific field. The only challenge is to find the scholarship that best suit your financial and education needs.

As with most scholarships, your best option is to start local. If you are an active member of your church or a specific faith, you may want to inquire if they have scholarship opportunities offered, or if they are involved with other organizations that provide scholarship benefits.

For instance, the United Church of Christ offers the Avery Arthington Fund of $400-$4000 to UCC African members who want to pursue an undergraduate degree in the U.S. It also provides an annual scholarship assistance of $500-$1500 for UCC members who are entering an undergraduate degree in any accredited 4-year college in the U.S.

Presbyterian students can also find various scholarship opportunities in their local community. The Presbyterian Church USA offer several scholarship programs for their members who wish to enter undergraduate programs or pursue their graduate studies. Some of the scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students are the National Presbyterian College Scholarship that offers up to $1500 financial benefits and Samuel Robinson Award that offers up to $5000 financial assistance.

If you are a Catholic descent, you can also get funding by searching in your local Catholic community organizations. The John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships is an academic-based scholarship, offering a $1500 financial assistance for U.S. students who wish to enter freshman year of undergraduate study at a U.S. Catholic school or university. The Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship, on the other hand, awards a $400, $500, $600, or $1000 financial assistance to qualified applicants who want to go to college.

Other church-based organizations also provide financial supports for college students with specific majors, such as in Education, Religious Studies, Science, and Healthcare. If you are a student who wishes to pursue a career in the healthcare field, particularly a career in Patient Care Technician Pro, you may want to find out if your own place of worship has this type of scholarship opportunity.

We all know that entering a medical course is truly expensive. Aside from the 2 or 4 years of undergraduate study, you typically need to enroll to continuing education or training to further your knowledge. So if you are a medical or healthcare student, taking advantage of all the scholarships available is a great move. Remember, there are many church-based organizations across the nation that offer college fund. You may want to search online and even acquire directly to these sources to check your options. And while you’re doing that, you may also want to explore more of the benefits of pursuing a healthcare course, particular the course in Patient Care, and how it differs when comparing a patient care technician to a certified nursing assistant, or to other fields in healthcare.

Which religion offers the most scholarships?


When looking for scholarships most people wonder if their religion offers special opportunities for them. Well, it turns out that the answer is pretty positive, after all almost all kinds of churches offer people who would like to have a much better future a nice opportunity. Although it is a little hard to know which religion offers more scholarships, one thing is certain, basically all religions have something to offer and to help the community.

Let’s take a look at some examples and then later on you will be able to see that the options are good and rather diverse. In case you do not know where to begin your extra research you can take a look at the following site http://fastscholarships.net/ after all it is quite reliable and do offers great scholarship lists for you to take a look at.

The Winston-Salem Foundation Emma KappOgburn Memorial Fund

If you are a Christian looking to do some religious services in exchange of education then this is a good option for you. This loan will be forgiven if student does everything he is required to do. You can read more .

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarships

The Italian Catholic Federation would like to see students and people in general with a much better life and thanks to that they offer as part of their community services scholarships.

John W. McDevitt (Fourth Degree) Scholarships

This is the right opportunity for Catholic students who would like to get a master’s degree and then guarantee an even better future.

Baptist Communicators Association Scholarships

Every year $1000 and $500 dollar scholarship awards are given for Baptists students who show interest to continue their education.

The King Faisal Foundation Scholarship

This is dedicated to Muslims studying science subjects, medicine or engineering, which means this is quite specific. The scholarship can be used at U.S. colleges and the applicant must be a practicing Muslim and should follow the religious rules on a daily basis.

Jewish Community Centers of North America

The Jewish Community Centers is currently offering students a great opportunity for them to have a much better future, especially if they are Jewish and follow the religious traditions on a daily basis. Students must agree to work for the community while receiving the scholarship benefits. The full time students will get an opportunity to get as much as $10,000 dollars.


Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America

The American Romanian Orthodox Youth (AROY) offer scholarship opportunities for those who would like to study and have a better life through education. This church offers good scholarship values for those who are able to prove their religion and that also follow their church on a regular basis. If that is your case then you might be eligible to get as much as $15.000 as scholarship every single year.

Should the diocese have an opinion on the Northern Gateway pipeline?


The Northern pipeline project is indeed one of the hottest subjects right now. In North America, especially in Canada there are several different discussions about whether or not this pipeline will indeed be more good than bad. In fact, for the capitalist side the pipeline project could not be any better, after all it will give both the USA and Canada (especially) millions of dollars every single year. Areas such as Alberta and British Columbia in Canada have already been modified to have such pipelines ready for work as soon as possible. Although this is a controversial topic, churches do not shy away from their obligation to advise and to say their minds according to their beliefs.

Safety Issues.

This is not a matter of religion, this is a matter of protecting the nature and workers, who will slave away in the field to feed money to the government and these private companies. Several different religion representatives across Canada have already manifested themselves in order to protect the environment, after all these companies might praise for worker’s safety, however the environmental safety is often forgotten. Although it is possible to find several places that give training to protect the workers, such as www.ahapc.ca, it is also important to remember that there is the wild life and also the natives there, and they both need attention.

Meetings, discussions and decisions.

Churches consider protecting nature and the natives as one of their responsibilities and because of that they have been looking for ways to reduce the impact that such pipelines have in the environment. They indeed have the right to have a say in this, after all they are meant to help the community to always remain as safe and good as possible.

Thinking of their duty, they have scheduled meetings with counsellors in Ottawa and have also sent a resolution stating that they are against such construction, after all they would end up polluting. In case there is a leak the water would get dirt and the natives would also have a lot of issues. This is indeed a serious issue that will still be in the media for a long time, there is no doubts regarding that.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

The bottom line.

Anglican, Catholic and Christian churches indeed have a say in this, after all they are there to always help communities feel safer and have an opportunity to lead a life that is as healthy as possible. Churches united have the power to look for the population’s interest and also make sure that nature and other environmental issues are taken care of. It is certain that the church is good, however unfortunately there is much more that needs to get changed in order to make the world a better place to live. Money and the capitalism are still what rules most of the world, so it is very important to fight for interests and protect the less powerful. We all need help, and so does nature. Keep your eyes open for the latest news on this topic.

5 incredible religious artifacts found by metal detectors


How great can it be to find a real fortune while having fun with your favorite hobby? Well, most people do not believe this, however it is always possible to find a very good prize while metal detecting. Whether this is your new hobby or even your favorite sport, it is always good to keep both of your eyes open for true jewels and treasures that you can find out of nowhere!. Every year people all over the world find very interesting treasures who often get into history! Let’s take a look at 5 of the most incredible religious artifacts ever found by metal detectors.

Box of religious items.

Back in 1972 a common man went out look for new metal items and he had no idea of what he was about to find on his way there. In fact, he had never done any other very important mysteries until that fatidic day in 1972. In fact he found a box that was around 8 inches under soil. He found the box, dug for it and what he was about to find out was rather unexpected: it was a box with several different religious items that you can see on the pictures.

2.5 pounds worth of religious treasure.

A 3 year old boy who went on his first expedition metal detecting was able to find a treasure worth of over 2.5 million pounds. He found a gold locket that was old and religious in Essex, London.

Crucifix – Boy Scouts

Back in 2011 a Boy Scout group went metal detecting and went back home with real treasures. They were able to find a bell, a crucifix and other very interesting and ancient items that were religious. Although they do not know when such items were left there or even how much they are worth in the end.

Gold Religious Pendant

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold are beautiful and will make you feel impressed. This religious pendant have the face of Jesus and was found with metal detectors in the USA. It was beautiful and these guys are used to finding religious items that are both incredible and true treasure.

famous Bermuda shipwreck hunter

Medieval Pendant for sale!

Some people find religious metal items and them put them on sale on the web. Although this item is a true treasure, it can be found for a very good price online. If you like to collect this kind of item and if you simply love to research religious items that were found in the world then this is indeed the right opportunity for you. Take a look at the link and see yourself http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Late-Medieval-Religious-Pilgrim-Pendant-Metal-Detecting-Find-/400675440006.